Google Begins 5-Year Update Support with Pixel 8: Here are the Details!

Google Pixel seriesAlthough it was described as the flagship of the Android world, it was lagging behind in terms of update support. However, this situation will be introduced soon Pixel 8 is preparing to change with.

Past Update Policies

With Pixel 6, Google adopted a three-year operating system update support. However, this was behind the support that Samsung had been providing for a year and certainly behind the support that Apple had been providing.

The five-year operating system update that comes with the launch of Pixel 8 will fill a large gap in the Android market. If this information is correct, the Pixel 8 series will be the first Pixel phones to receive this long-term update. This may mark the beginning of a new era for the industry.

Samsung took Google one step ahead by offering a four-year update support with the Galaxy S21 series. However, this new update policy that comes with Google Pixel 8 can be an example for other Android manufacturers. It is a matter of great curiosity whether Samsung will take a step back on this issue.

Move to Approach Apple

Apple’s iOS update support has long been an envied feature in the Android world. However, with Pixel 8, Google aims to come close to Apple in this area. This will extend the lifespan of Android phones, offering more value to consumers.

According to the latest information, new Pixel devices are expected to be released in early October. Consumers are eagerly waiting for this new era.

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