Good news from Xbox PC Game Pass: First Month is 5.90TL!

Microsoft, Xbox PC Game Pass launched a significant discount campaign to make the subscription system more attractive. This campaign offers a great opportunity, especially for Turkish gamers. Within the scope of this special offer made through Microsoft Store, the first month subscription fee of PC Game Pass is only 5.90 TL was determined as . This means an opportunity not to be missed for those who want to step into the gaming world.

Subscription Details and Pricing

Within the campaign, players will be able to enjoy the PC Game Pass subscription by paying only 5.90 TL for the first month. Monthly fee for users who want to continue subscription after the first month 159 TL is determined as . It is not yet known how long this discounted price will last, so game lovers who want to take advantage of the opportunity should hurry.

Microsoft’s discount campaign is only valid for PC Game Pass. No price changes have been made for Xbox Game Pass Core and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the other subscription options offered in the store. Game Pass Core subscription monthly 159 TLGame Pass Ultimate subscription is 209 TL remains stable.

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