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Exxenis the digital content platform launched by Acun Ilıcalı as of January 1, 2021. It has become one of the most used digital content platforms, reaching 1 million users as of May 1, 2021.

How to Use Exxen?

To use the Exxen digital content platform, you must have a phone or computer. On Apple brand devices this linkon Android devices this linkon Huawei devices this link You can download the Exxen application using . If you are logging in via computer, https://www.exxen.com/tr You can start using it by visiting the website.

But before using it, you should know that the Exxen platform has a paid membership system. It is not possible to watch any TV series, movie or competition without becoming a member of Exxen. You can start watching whatever you want after becoming a member by choosing one of the paid packages.

How to Become a Member of Exxen?

To become a member of Exxen digital content platform you should follow these steps:

  • https://www.exxen.com/tr Log in to the site.

  • On the page that opens, fill in the “Name Surname” and “E-Mail Address” boxes and click the “Sign Up” button.
  • Then you will see the “Member Login” box. In this section, you must check the e-mail address you entered during registration to learn the password.
  • After receiving the password sent to your e-mail address, you can log in from the “Member Login” section.

Exxen Membership Packages (Current)

Exxen sells memberships under 2 different packages in order to appeal to every user. One of these packages is the RKLMVAR package, while the other is the RKLMYOK package. While the RKLMVAR package is a paid membership with advertising, the RKLMYOK package is a completely ad-free package. Exxen membership packages fees is as follows:

  • RKLMVAR (Monthly): 39.90₺
  • RKLMVAR (Annual): 33.50₺ * 12
  • RKLMYOK (Monthly): 54.90₺
  • RKLMYOK (Annual): 45.90₺
  • Exxen Sports monthly price with advertising: 119.90 TL
  • Exxen Sports annual price with advertising: 94.90 TL x 12
  • Ad-free Exxen Sports monthly price: 134.90 TL
  • Ad-free Exxen Sports annual price: 107.30 TL x 12

Exxen Membership Cancellation

Cancel Exxen membership There are easy steps to follow. By following these steps, you can cancel your paid subscription and have your information deleted from the system. Exxen membership cancellation It is done as follows.

  1. Mobile users must log in to the “My Account” page on the application, and Desktop users must log in to the “Account and Settings” page on the website.
  2. You can cancel your Exxen subscription by clicking the “Cancel” button on the page.

Exxen Arrays

  • Mr. Şeref
  • Like
  • Some Interesting Events
  • My magic mom
  • nanny
  • The Usual Suspects
  • Leyla and Mecnun
  • Lawless Lands
  • Wild Things
  • This is My Fairytale
  • Cafe Per Step

Exxen Competitions

  • That Voice Türkiye
  • survivor
  • Have You Been That Man?
  • Fight Club
  • Next Top Model
  • Tolgshow Unfiltered
  • rolkes
  • Catharsis
  • Let the Styles Speak
  • Foot Tennis
  • MasterChef Junior
  • Türkiye’s Got Talent
  • Escape

Exxen Movies and Cartoons

  • Kral Şakir: Germ Hunters
  • King Şakir: Cumburlop
  • chase
  • Ozcan Show
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Grand Opening
  • Super 1 Team

Exxen Documentary

  • 2008 National Team Story
  • Cadde Cadde Istanbul
  • K-POP
  • Islam and Women
  • The Last Warrior: Lesbos
  • tosuncuk
  • Reflections from the Deep
  • The Last Spongemaker
  • Hero in the Deep: Mustafa Ertuğrul
  • Glass Re-Glass

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