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Exciting Step: Scientists Discovered a New Road Map for Colon Cancer Treatment!

According to the American Cancer Society, around 150,000 new cases occur each year. colon and rectum cancer case arises. Colon cancer, which is the 5th most common cancer type in Turkey and the 3rd globally, ranks 3rd in the USA. Approximately 4% of men and 3.8% of women may experience this disease. According to scientists, a possible solution against this type of cancer may now be close.

Promising Breakthrough for Colon Cancer

bowel cancer The difficulties experienced in treatment are known as only 10% of patients respond positively to immunotherapies. This brings with it a trend towards operations performed by completely removing cancerous tissue. However, a study conducted at La Trobe University Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute may open a new horizon in treatment!

Scientists’ Discovery: Gamma delta T Cells

This study, conducted in Australia, showed that a patient’s response to cancer depends on a specific immune cell in the colon.

Dr. Lisa Mielke said, ‘Gamma delta T cells play a kind of protective role in the intestines. ‘These cells patrol and protect epithelial cells, providing protection against potential cancer threats.’ He made a statement as follows.

A First in the World: Discovery of a New Molecule

The presence of these cells in tumors positively affects the survival rates of patients. However, researchers discovered that the TCF-1 molecule contained in gamma delta T cells suppresses immune responses.

Inhibiting this molecule may enable immune cells to fight cancer more effectively. This finding New treatment method for bowel cancer It is promising for.

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