EVRY’s New Electric Vehicle Series VERY: Starting the New Era of Mobilization!

EVRY developed and started to be produced by the company VERY, He completed the software and mobilization work in a short time of 300 days. EVRY is a company that develops software and products in the field of electric vehicles and mobilization systems. It is also a company that works and develops with local engineers and designers in TeknoPark Istanbul.

VERY WILL HAVE 4 Separate Segments!

The vehicles will have 4 different types, all in the L7 class:

  • It has a seating plan for 4 people and is a 4-door model suitable for family use.
  • It is a 2-door pick-up model with a seating plan for 2 people. Additionally, the back case can be personalized.
  • The 2-person open-top buggy model is suitable for use in hobby and summer resort areas. It can also be personalized for winter use.
  • Finally, the model that provides automatic driving support, called autonomous, and can carry an average of 1,500 kg. The most important feature of this model is that this vehicle can be controlled remotely thanks to software coding.

Technical Specifications of the Vehicle

VERY car will be able to provide vehicle-to-vehicle charging support, spare battery and portable battery convenience. For these spare batteries, there will be a space in the spare wheel section of the vehicle where you can put spare batteries that can last up to 20 km.

In addition, the vehicle will have features such as an adaptive four-wheel drive system, multimedia screens and driving software, as well as touch-sensitive doors, 220V electrical outlet and sensors such as rain, headlights and parking, and heated and massage seats.

It will go into mass production in 2025

According to the statement of EVRY company, it is stated that the factory, which is planned to be completed in Bursa’s Gemlik district by the end of 2025, will have a production capacity of up to 10 thousand vehicles in the first year. It has been announced that the average sales price will be around 25 thousand dollars, depending on the content of the package, and it has been stated that service and maintenance support will be provided by the factory.

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