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EquipmentIt is a physical circuit board inside an electronic device. Hardware is generally used to execute commands or instructions specified by software.

External and internal equipment

Hardware for computers can be divided into two. Internal equipmentis located inside the computer and enables the computer to work.

External hardware They are hardware that increases the user’s experience and is used depending on need.

Internal equipment


As the name suggests, the motherboard is the most basic hardware of the computer. No computer works without a motherboard. The motherboard houses all the hardware and ensures their communication with each other.


Processor (CPU) is one of the most important hardware of a computer, also called the brain of the computer, which performs most of the mathematical operations within the computer. The processor consists of two parts:

Control unit

Most computers, control units (CU) is managed by. The control unit uses binary decoder to convert pre-coded instructions into timing and control signals.

Arithmetic Logic Unit

with English definition ALUIt is the unit of the processor that performs arithmetic and logic operations. This unit is indispensable for all processors, from the simplest to the most advanced.


Random Access Memory (RAM) is the hardware that provides temporary storage service in the computer. Since it is a randomly accessible memory, the data in it is reset when the computer is turned off and turned on again.

hard disk

It is the storage unit of the computer. It is the hardware where all programs and files installed in the computer, including the operating system, are stored. Since the Hard Disk is a mechanical disk, its reading and writing speeds are low compared to today’s technology. In addition HDD, It is also susceptible to physical damage. SSD Disks are more durable and faster storage units.

Display card

External graphics cards in the computer are hardware similar to the processor. GPU (Graphics Processor UnitThese hardware, also known as ) are connected externally to the computer to perform graphical operations. External graphics cards are used in computers that require graphics performance.

If the computer does not have an external graphics card, graphical operations are performed by the graphics unit on the processor. Not every processor has a graphics unit.

External hardware


The most basic external hardware required to use the computer is the monitor. Without a monitor, it would be difficult to operate on the computer and nothing would be displayed.

game pad

It is preferred by gamers to play video games more comfortably. It is not mandatory to use the games, they can also be played with keyboard and mouse.


It transmits the inputs made by the user to the computer. There are keys on the keyboard that represent letters, numbers and some computer commands.


It is user input hardware used to move the cursor on the computer screen. Classic mice have two buttons and a wheel. The wheel allows pages to be scrolled up and down.

Components that extend functionality

Some hardware can extend the basic functions of computers. To print or scan photos or documents printers And browsers is used.

With portable hard drives, you can easily transfer a lot of information from one computer to another or archive old files. Video and sound cards can also be added for multimedia, which may allow connecting more peripherals depending on the capabilities of the computer.

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