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Discovery+ (Discovery Plus) is an online broadcast platform. Discovery Inc. It offers an online digital content broadcasting service developed and commissioned by.

Discovery is a paid online broadcasting platform that operates on a monthly subscription basis. Discovery Inc. It is a streaming service that brings together the content of its channels and broadcast platforms and broadcasts original series and programs.

Discovery+ history

Discovery+ content platformwas put into service in 2020. It was put into service in the Indian market for the first time. Serving the European continent before the end of 2020 dplay revised its service and launched it in Europe under the “Discovery+” brand. The debut of Discovery+ in the USA took place at the beginning of 2021.

It achieved growth in the global market in a short time. It managed to exceed 18 million subscribers in August 2021. The service was launched in Canada in October 2021. Discovery Inc. A program regarding the countries where Discovery+ will be available in the global market has been published by.

The company works with broadcast partners for different regions and countries. Discovery+, as of May 2021 BluTV It also entered the Turkish market in partnership with

Discovery+, Windows, macOS And Linux It can be accessed via web browsers on operating systems. It also has mobile support/compatibility. Android And iOS There is a Discovery+ application developed specifically for mobile operating systems. It is also available on digital media player platforms. Xbox One And Xbox Series It can also be accessed via game consoles.

What are Discovery+ contents?

Discovery+ platform content consists of original series and programs. Also within Discovery Inc.; “TLC”, “DMAX”, “ID”, “Discovery Science”, “Discovery Channel”, “Travel Channel”, “Animal Planet”, “Investigation Discovery” channels can also be accessed. It also includes broadcasts on “HGTV”, “Food Network” and “Asian Food Network” channels.

Discovery+ also includes existing content from country- and regional-based broadcast partners on the platform. Therefore, Discovery+ may have different content depending on its country/region coverage. For example, with Discovery+ in the US A&E Networks There is a special license agreement between them. Within the scope of this agreement, programs from the “Lifetime” and “History” channels are included. These programs do not include streaming coverage of other countries/regions.

Discovery+ Eurosport agreement

Discovery+ is aimed at the European market eurosport reached an agreement with. Channels and sports content on Eurosport networks can be watched on Discovery+ platforms in European countries.

Discovery+ Türkiye

Discovery+, which gradually entered the global market, also entered the Turkish market in May 2021. Discovery+ has agreed with BluTV as a broadcast partner in Turkey. For this reason, Discovery company purchased 35% of BluTV’s shares.

After the acquisition, the contents of both digital broadcasting platforms were brought together. Discovery+ content is broadcast on BluTV. Additionally, original content from BluTV is also broadcast on Discovery+ platforms in other regions.

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