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Dellis a US-based global technology company that provides research and development, production, sales and after-sales support services in the field of personal computers and computer products.

Dell, a global computer supplier, manufactures and sells network components, peripherals, cameras, printers, servers, pocket computers, data storage hardware and software, in addition to personal computers.

Since its establishment, Dell has produced and sold a focus on hardware components. Information Technologies in 2009 (IT) also started to offer services. The company, which is on the Fortune 500 list, was ranked 51st until 2014. It later rose to 34th place. Dell increased its market share in 2021 and rose to 3rd place in personal computer unit sales statistics. In the top two of the list HP And Lenovo It is located.

Dell history

Dell was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell PC’s Limited It was realized under the name. Micheal Dell, who continues his education at the University of Texas, determined the headquarters of the company he founded as his dorm room. Dell, which sells customized upgrade components for IBM PCs, dropped out of school the same year and focused on his company.

In 1985, Dell developed and released its first computer, the Turbo PC.

PC’s Limited has created a dynamic infrastructure for after-sales support (customer support) in accordance with its company policy. PC’s Limited, which achieved great success with the business model it created, was founded in 1988. Dell Corporation It took its new name as . Dell Corporation’s public offering was also held in the same year.

In 1989, Dell introduced the company’s first laptop to users under the name 316LT. Since then, the company has anticipated the development of laptop technology and has focused its R&D efforts on this area. As a result of their work, the first color laptops were produced in 1991, and the long-lasting “lithium ion battery” developed the technology.

Dell Corporation, which started online computer sales services in 1996, has never abandoned its sensitivity to customer support. In the same year, it started providing online support services to its customers. The company had its first major success through online sales and by 1999 it was the largest computer retailer in the United States. Compaq Computer CorporationHe got ahead of . In the same year, it acquired ConvergeNet Technologies to provide enterprise storage system services.

Dell, not wanting to be limited to only computer systems in the technology market, added PDAs, digital music players, televisions and other products to its product range in 2002.

It also included product groups such as printers. Considering that the current name caused limitations in terms of the company’s development policy, the name of the company was changed again in 2003 and Dell Inc. was determined as .

In 2015, Dell was a US-based company operating in the field of data storage. EMCBought ‘ for $60 billion. This acquisition was the largest technology deal to date. After this acquisition in 2015, the name Dell Inc. Dell Technologies It was changed to 7 September 2016.

Dell Technologies products

Going beyond personal computer production, Dell Techonologies’ product range is quite broad. The main reason why the company’s name includes “technology” is to provide services in different areas of technology. By acquiring more than 16 companies operating in the global technology market, Dell has ensured that its product portfolio does not remain dependent on computers. This breakthrough helped Dell adapt to change in the technology market.

Integrated infrastructure;

  • Data protection (data protection and backup solutions, devices and software)
  • Data Storage (Main storage, unstructured data Storage, data storage basics)

Hyperconverged infrastructure;

  • vXrail
  • VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail
  • VMware Tanzu on VxRail
  • Dell EMC Solutions for PowerFlexMicrosoft Azure Stack Family
  • vSAN Ready Nodes
  • VxFlex Ready Nodes
  • XC Family

Network services;

  • Network
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Edge Platforms
  • system software

Laptops, PCs and monitors;

  • Personal and corporate computers
  • Thin Clients and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Monitors and Accessories


  • Rack Servers
  • Tower Servers
  • Industrial Grade Servers
  • Modular Infrastructure
  • System Management Software
  • Private Servers

Dell EMC

It was founded by Richard Egan in 1979 to operate in the field of computer software. Its first name is EMC Corporation. The company was sold to Dell Technologies in 2015 and its name was changed to Dell EMC. DellEMC;

  • data storage
  • virtualization
  • cloud computing
  • Information security

It provides services to corporates in areas such as.

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