Deal OK with Netflix: Hades Mobile Version Coming Soon!

Netflix‘s latest statements created excitement in the gaming world. Especially hades There is good news for game lovers: Hades is coming to mobile platforms very soon. This development aroused great curiosity among fans of the game. So, when will Hades mobile be released?

Netflix’s Mobile Game Services Expands

Netflix aims to offer a new experience to its subscribers by adding Hades to its mobile game services. The company had previously expanded its catalog by transferring many desktop games to the mobile platform. Now is Hades, Braid and Death’s Door Popular games such as will be available on mobile to Netflix subscribers.

Hades offers players a unique experience with the character Zagreus. In this game dominated by immortality and constantly changing levels, different abilities are encountered with each rebirth. Hades, which has won awards for its story and graphics, will be offered to iOS users in the first place.

Other games Netflix plans for the mobile platform include Braid, which is based on time manipulation, and Death’s Door, one of the best independent games of 2021. Additionally, games such as Katana Zero, Chicken Run: Eggstraction, The Dragon Prince: Xadia and La Casa De Papel will be available to users soon.

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