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ChromeOSon Gentoo Linux base, Google It is a fast and low-resource application developed by and targeting internet users. is the operating system.

Chrome OS does all its work online. (Web browser) It was developed for users who use it via. It offers a desktop experience like Windows or macOS, just like conventional computer usage, but like other operating systems. Chrome Web Store It is not possible to install external applications. Chrome OS especially chromebook It is an operating system designed for devices. This operating system, which can be used without requiring additional software, is light and fast. With its lightness and simplicity, it consumes less power.

What does Chrome OS do?

The relevant operating system runs on the Google Chrome web browser and can use all Chrome applications.

Chrome OS for online work that doesn’t require powerful hardware (Chromebook, as the devices with the operating system are called) available. It is suitable for social media use such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and similar.

In this operating system, which can be logged in with a Google account, all Google products can be accessed without any problems. And also on Google Play existing applications can also be accessed.

Chrome OS does not support programs that can be installed on Windows or macOS operating systems.

While Chrome OS offers an online experience, it is also suitable for offline use. Creating documents, sending e-mails and similar operations without an internet connection can be done when online. sync with Google It is possible.

In summary; If the relevant user does not need powerful hardware and does all his work from the web browser, Chromebook and Chrome OS will be a good choice.

Chrome OS features

remote connections

Like other operating systems, remote desktop connections can be made in Chrome OS. Similar to Microsoft RDP and VNC “Google Remote Desktop” With the application, a connection can be made to a remote physical computer or virtual machines.

File manager and media players

Chromebooks with Chrome OS already include file manager and media player/viewer applications. Offline MP3, JPEG and similar media files can be viewed with these compatible applications.

This file manager works synchronously with the Google Drive product.

How to install Chrome OS?

Chrome OS, like other operating systems, is not an operating system that can be installed on every hardware. However “Neverware” With the version published by the organization named Chrome OS, it can be installed and run on a USB memory.

By downloading the Chrome OS template from the relevant source, it can be written to an 8 GB or larger USB flash memory and booted on supported hardware.

Chrome OS history

  • By Google on July 7, 2009 cloud based operating system It was announced as. After this date, Chrome OS was used by some Google employees and usage statistics were recorded.
  • Chrome OS in the early days ubuntu was based on Gentoo-Linux in 2010.
  • On November 19, 2019, Google released the source codes of Chrome OS. Chromium OS He published it publicly under the name.
  • In 2010, Google CR-48 It launched an unbranded laptop with Chrome OS under the name.
  • Made in 2012 “Aura” With the package, an interface update was made that aims for a more desktop experience than the usual web browser interface.

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