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Cheapest Ornamental Dog

Ornamental dog breeds generally have high costs. Because this group of dogs offers you the convenience of both carrying and including them in many plans, due to their light physical structure. Therefore, even the cheapest ornamental dog breeds involve a certain cost. Increased price hikes in every aspect due to the corona effect experienced in recent years have also increased dog care costs. Especially health and nutrition issues require costs. For this reason, it is necessary to sacrifice a certain amount even for the cheapest ornamental dog.

Are Ornamental Dogs Cheap?

cheapest ornamental dog Even prices start at thousands. However, if you are not a fan of paying any fee, free adoptions may be your choice. It is beneficial to approach the areas where free adoption is provided carefully. Because there may be people who cause a living creature, such as a sick animal friend, to change hands with the thought of not being treated thoroughly. Even if it is well-intentioned, it would be beneficial to pay attention and research. Therefore, when adopting a pet friend, it would be a correct approach to buy it from known places and check the necessary documents.

Cheap Ornamental Dog Prices

in 2022 dog prices It varies depending on costs and purebred nature. The cheapest dogs start from 2,500 TL and go up to 60,000 TL.

English Cocker: This dog breed with a cute appearance costs between 1,500 TL and 4,000 TL.

Parson Russell Terrier: This breed has a muscular stance and long leg structure; It is a terrier breed dog. On average, prices vary between 2,500 TL and 5,000 TL.

Papillon: cheapest ornamental dog This breed, which has gained a place among the breeds, attracts attention with its hairy ear structure and feather structure that appears in different colors on the face compared to the body. The feather structure is generally long and plain in color and can be seen in the same colors all over the body. It can be said that their average costs are between 2,000 TL and 5,000 TL.

Miniature Pinscher: This breed attracts attention with its short structure and short hair. cheapest ornamental dog among the breeds. It can be said that the costs are between 3,000 TL and 5,000 TL.

Pug: It is a short, short-haired dog breed characterized by a sad facial expression. The cost of this chubby-looking animal friend who loves laziness is between 2,000 TL and 6,000 TL.

Yorkshire Terrier: It is a black-nosed dog friend that attracts attention with its slightly wavy and long hair. Pricing costs start from 3,000 TL.

Pekingese: It is a breed among lap dogs with its long furball and sympathetic face. It has a very proud stance with its long ears, slightly flattened nose structure and large eyes. It can be said that the costs are between 3,000 TL and 6,000 TL.

Dachshund: This breed, also known as Wiener-Dog or Sausage Dog, attracts attention with its long body. It is quite short in length. Prices are around 5,000 TL – 7,000 TL.


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