ChatGPT Couldn’t Save Bing: Google Is First Again!

worldwide Google, the most popular search enginecontinues to maintain its leading position despite various antitrust investigations and privacy controversies. Microsoft’s Bing search engine It seems that the artificial intelligence investments and ChatGPT integration made for has not had the expected impact.

According to StatCounter’s report in October 2023, Bing’s market share was only 3.13% While Google continues its dominance with 91.53%. Despite the integration of artificial intelligence, the increase in Bing’s market share is still not satisfactory. Although Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI affects Google’s stock prices, the situation is different in terms of market share.

Digital Market Dynamics in Turkey: Google, Bing and Yandex

In Turkey, the situation is a little more complicated. According to the data, Google’s market share, which was 83.51% in October 2022, has decreased to 62.64%. Interestingly, this loss benefited Yandex, not Bing. Yandex’s market shareincreased from 11.54% to 32.54%. This shows that the dynamics of the digital market in Turkey are different from global trends. Bing’s market share in Turkey is only 1.71%.

Microsoft’s ChatGPT Strategy and Future Prospects

Since releasing ChatGPT to the public market, Microsoft has integrated the technology into its various products and services. The Windows Copilot feature, which is included in the latest Windows 11 Taskbar and enables Bing Chat, was a step towards answering users’ questions and launching commands. However, Bing Chat’s current state indicates that it is unlikely to capture global market share from Google.

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