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breadcrumbthe page on the website where the user is located (e.g. product page) top pages (e.g. product category) It is a navigation aid that helps them easily understand the relationships between them. The term breadcrumbis inspired by the story Hansel and Gretel, the story of children leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way back.

Breadcrumb menu Use to go a few pages back or to the root page of the current page. (or category) It may be possible for you to return. The term breadcrumb is not only used on websites. For example, Microsoft started using breadcrumb with the Windows Vista version. Breadcrumb is available in all Windows versions from Vista and above. (navigation bar) is used. Using breadcrumb in website designs has positive effects on both SEO and user experience.

The importance of using breadcrumb on websites

To explain with an example, “display card” When the user doing the search enters one of the relevant pages of your site from any search engine, he/she may not like the result on the relevant page. (in the same category or different categories) Might want to take a look at other products as well.

With the Breadcrumb navigation menu, the user can easily see the hierarchical category structure of the website he is on and easily navigate to the main category pages he wants.

To give an example of the breadcrumbs hierarchy;

Sayfa > Sayfa > Sayfa > Sayfa > Şu anda bulunduğunuz sayfa
Ana Sayfa > Servis > Hakkımızda > Ana Sayfa > Son Haberler > Ana Sayfa > Şu anda görüntülediğiniz sayfa

Typically a Breadcrumbs hierarchy looks like this;

Ana sayfa > Kategori sayfası > Alt Sayfası

How to navigate back from a product page on the Amazon shopping site example word (to main category) It seems that correct navigation can be done.

Breadcrumb structure in this example “hierarchical breadcrumb structure” It is called. Thanks to the hierarchical breadcrumb structure, the user can easily see the location he is in and the parent pages of the relevant location.

What is the importance of breadcrumb structure?

Showing the hierarchical page structure to the user and providing easy access to the root pages of the relevant page is important for user experience. For example, a well-constructed breadcrumb structureIt provides a positive impact on e-commerce sites in many ways. It is unreasonable to use breadcrumb on sites that are single-page, do not have a hierarchical structure or do not have grouped pages.-

Which websites should use breadcrumb?

The simplest way to understand whether a website needs a breadcrumb structure is to create a diagram of the page architecture of that website. By analyzing this navigation diagram, it can be determined whether the breadcrumb structure will be useful from the user’s perspective.

Additionally, breadcrumb menus It does not replace the main menus. Breadcrumb should be considered as a secondary menu and the main menu structure should not be overlooked. This secondary structure is a road map of the page the user is on and makes it easier to navigate the site.

What are the positive effects of the breadcrumb structure?

  • The breadcrumb structure, created with the users in mind, is available on the relevant user’s website. reach the top pages makes it easier.
  • The relevant user, to reach the upper pages fewer clicks does.
  • Since breadcrumb structures are horizontal and usually single line, they do not take up much space on the web page and an aesthetic appearance gives.

What does the breadcrumb structure reduce the duration of?

A good breadcrumb menu, bounce rate (bounce rate) drops it. This structure is also used to persuade the user who enters the web page from search engines to browse the relevant website.

The relevant user may want to go to higher-level pages from the first page he entered regarding his search and breadcrumb menu It becomes easier to make this journey.

breadcrumb plugins for WordPress

Below, WordPress The most common breadcrumb plugins used for content management system are listed.

  • https://tr.wordpress.org/plugins/breadcrumb-navxt/
  • https://tr.wordpress.org/plugins/flexy-breadcrumb/
  • https://tr.wordpress.org/plugins/breadcrumb/

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