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Brand New Filters Arrived on Instagram: But Meta; He Said This Is A Beginning!

As you know, the filters that have been actively used for years are just color changes, but with the new update, you will be able to recreate, edit and make the photos you take more pleasing to the eye. Meta, Instagram filter update He stated that it would not end there and announced that new features would be coming.

According to Meta’s announcement, there will be new photos to be shared with this update. color edits, style options It focuses on increasing. With this update, Meta aims to provide all your needs from Instagram, the popular photo sharing application, without the need for third-party software and applications preferred by users. Because 25 newly added filters with VSCO And picsart It also includes filters provided in popular photo editing applications such as.

Reels Can Now Spin!

Meta’s Instagram update isn’t just about filters. The company also plans to provide a good arrangement for reels content producers. With these new features activated during the testing phase, videos such as reels videos, Youtube etc. rotated and watched It will even provide the opportunity. Thus, horizontal reels videos can now be shot.

New Fonts Are Coming!

Update the fonts used in meta, reels and stories new fonts He also announced that he started testing it. It hasn’t yet announced how many fonts will be added or what will be added. It also made me think that we could access a more up-to-date article editor page.

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