Bomb Feature from WhatsApp: Artificial Intelligence Chatbot is Coming!

Artificial intelligence chatbot for WhatsApp feature is added. This innovation, introduced at the Meta Connect 2023 event, was presented to users in the last beta version. This chatbot, which can be accessed through a new shortcut in the chats tab in WhatsApp beta version, aims to radically change the user experience.

This innovative feature will allow users to handle their daily tasks more easily and smoothly. The artificial intelligence-supported chat robot aims to provide users with a more efficient communication experience by saving time and effort.

Currently, the WhatsApp artificial intelligence chatbot feature is only available to a select group of beta users. However, over time, this innovation will be opened to a wider user base. This phased rollout strategy aims to ensure that the feature reaches all users smoothly.

Other Features of the New Beta Version

Apart from the artificial intelligence chatbot, the new beta version of WhatsApp also tests other features that increase users’ security and ease of communication. These features include the ability to create a secret code to access locked chats and the ability to create different profiles to separate work and personal communication.

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