Blizzard Announced: More Mobile Games Are Coming!

Blizzard brings a new breath to the gaming world after coming under the umbrella of technology giant Microsoft. At BlizzCon 2023, held on November 3-5, a number of exciting news was shared with players.

In particular, the announcement of Diablo 4’s expansion pack, Vessel of Hatred, and the new mobile game called Warcraft Rumble, mobile games strengthened its claim in the market. In light of the shared information, signals are given that Blizzard will expand its mobile game portfolio.

Work Has Begun for More Mobile Games!

Blizzard’s growth targets in the mobile market became clearer with the statements made by Blizzard president Mike Ybarra at BlizzCon 2023. Ybarra stated that the mobile sector is a “hyper growth area” for the company and that they aim to make their IPs meet users everywhere. After a successful PC game like Diablo 4, the success of the mobile versions of games such as Diablo Immortal and COD Mobile is a result of this strategy.

Blizzard is also very ambitious about multiplayer productions. Future mobile gaming moves may focus on popular series like Overwatch. This could be an important strategy for the company to both satisfy its existing player base and reach new audiences.

In addition, Blizzard’s openness in the game development process also draws attention. Stating that they are flexible in creating games that appeal to different experience periods, Blizzard aims to appeal to a wide range of players. This wide range of mobile games is an important part of the agreement with Microsoft.

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