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Badoo (Old name: Yamky) is a popular social dating site that provides free service. The platform offers its users the opportunity to meet new people and have private chats. Users can use the social network for free.

Badoo membership is created free of charge. All basic features are available in the free model. Moreover Badoo Premium There is also a paid user model that includes more extensive features.

Badoo friend recommendations are made globally or location-based. Users who create their own profiles are also recommended as friends to other users. Badoo’s algorithm matches users based on profile data such as interests, region, age and gender.

Badoo serves in 190 countries. Additionally, it supports a total of 47 different languages, including Turkish. Badoo is available on the web and on mobile with iOS-Android apps.

Users can create new accounts or connect with other social network accounts (Facebook, Google, MSN, Vkontakte, Odnoklassnki, Yandex, Mail.ru).

Badoo history

Badoo was founded in November 2006. Its founder is Russian businessman Andrey Andreev. It attracted great attention in a short time and managed to raise a fund of $30 million after its first year. In 2008, it received an additional funding of 30 million dollars from the Russian investment company Finam Capital in exchange for a 10% share of the platform. In 2009, Finam Capital increased its stake in Badoo to 20%.

Badoo is another social network that rose in the same period. FacebookIt started to offer its services through various social games and tests in . Badoo used the viral model on Facebook. Thus, it aimed to direct users to its own paid services. As Badoo ranked 17th among Facebook applications, Facebook issued a warning against Badoo for changing its viral logic.

In 2014 Andreev, tinderMeeting with Whitney Wolfe, former co-founder of , Bumble She founded a “women” focused dating and friendship social network called. Badoo and Bumble social networks are owned by Bumble Inc. operates under its umbrella.

In 2017, Badoo was reintroduced to users as a completely independent social network with a renewed face, especially its logo. In 2019, scandals regarding sexual assault, harassment and drug use among Badoo employees came to the fore.

Badoo features

Badoo offers its users private chat, automatic matching (receiving/recommended friends), photo and video sharing. During the first registration phase, the user can choose the features of meeting new people, chatting and adding them as friends as they wish.

Each user can determine their own interests and limit friend suggestions in accordance with their criteria. In 2018, the Badoo live broadcast feature was tested with the beta version, but this feature was later removed.

Badoo nearby people

Badoo nearby people featureIt allows users to find and communicate with other Badoo users in their location.

badoo search

With the search feature, users are not limited to location-based friendships. By using the search feature, each user can find and contact other Badoo users in different cities and countries.

Badoo matches

It is the most widely used feature of Badoo. The Encounters feature allows users to match based on their “shared interests.” It allows users with similar interests to reach each other faster and easier. Users can skip the person by “swiping left” in the encounter suggestions, or they can like the person by “swiping right”.

badoo premium

Badoo basic features are available for free. Users must pay to use Premium features. Badoo Premium is implemented with a monthly subscription model. Subscriptions automatically renew every month.

With the Badoo Premium feature, users;

  • They can see who they like in matches.
  • They can use stealth mode.
  • They can take back the likes/votes made during the matches.
  • They can see the ones with the most likes.
  • They can reach popular users directly.
  • They can be notified of new Badoo users.
  • They can push private messages to the top.
  • They can use Badoo stickers.

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