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Autonomous Car

Autonomous Car

autonomous drivingIt is a broad concept that includes a series of driving assistants, also called ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Turkish). This AI-powered assistant has the ability to drive the car without human intervention.

What is an Autonomous Car?

An autonomous car is one that can perform all driving functions between the start and destination point without the need for human intervention at any time, beyond indicating the start and end point of the journey. All intermediate stages where a driver’s action is required imply that autonomy is limited, not full.

There is currently no officially autonomous car on the market, but there are different projects in development.

ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS is a system installed in existing cars to prevent an accident from occurring as much as possible. are driving assistants. They require an array of sensors to calculate distances, detect objects and analyze traffic conditions.

With the information analyzed by these sensors, the vehicle electronics have the ability to make predetermined decisions and influence the gas, brakes or steering, as well as warn the driver if risks requiring urgent intervention are detected.

Autonomous Driving Levels

To define the degree to which these systems interfere with a vehicle’s maneuverability, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defines six levels from 0 to 5. As you can imagine, the highest level does not require human intervention for any driving.

The most advanced cars on today’s market have level 2+, and some have been able to achieve level 3 under very special conditions. Conventional level 2 has become quite standard and this driving aid is relatively low cost.

Technologies Used in Autonomous Cars

For a car to get around without intervention from the driver or even passengers, it’s not enough to just have an array of sensors, radar, and cameras; It is also necessary to communicate with the environment: it must learn the status of other vehicles and road infrastructure, exchange information about possible accidents on the road. Therefore, full autonomy, “internet of thingsIt requires an environment equipped with artificial intelligence, called IoT.

Some cars on the market are very limited”driverless driving” capabilities. In fact, these are remote parking functions in which the driver directs the car from an external device (key or mobile phone).

Brands Developing Autonomous Cars

The autonomous car has been called the next battleground after the transition to electricity. From giant car manufacturers to startups attracting investment The most important companies developing autonomous vehicles is as follows:

  • Tesla
  • Pony.ai (developing artificial intelligence-powered assistant)
  • Waymo (owned by Google’s parent company)
  • Apple
  • Kia-Hyundai
  • ford
  • Audi
  • VW Group
  • Mercedes
  • Huawei

When Will Autonomous Cars Become a Reality?

Artificial intelligence and technology to make autonomous vehicles a realityconnected car with driverThe concept of ” needs to move forward. Learning from the endless situations that can occur in any driving scenario, these devices allow developers to create new response models to unpredictable events.

If a traffic situation has not been anticipated and therefore there is no programmed response, current autonomous cars require the driver to intervene, as they do not have any decision-making capacity in the face of it.

Once ongoing regulatory issues are resolved in regions such as the EU, US and UK to the year 2046 It is estimated that autonomous vehicles can meet the total mobility demand. Depending on this result, it is expected that many countries will not interfere with autonomous driving and allow it on public roads.

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