Attention Those Who Have These Applications On Their Phones! 35 Apps That Should Be Deleted Immediately!

Although mobile applications bring many important features to devices, they can also create security risks. That’s why you should download third-party apps using the official “app stores” should be preferred. However Google Play Store And Appleof AppStore Stores also sometimes act incorrectly. Mobile applications downloaded from these application stores undergo security checks. Therefore, it is safer than applications downloaded from the web. However security 100% It doesn’t mean it is.

Especially Google Android It was stated that these risks are higher for mobile operating system users. Downloading mobile applications that are not approved by Google, Serious security risks in phones giving birth. To date, millions of users have encountered many problems, especially the theft of personal information.

35 Risky Apps Detected on Android

A comprehensive research was conducted on devices with Google Android operating system. A comprehensive report was prepared based on the research conducted. In the prepared report, it was stated that 35 applications downloaded from Google Play Store were risky. It was stated that the applications in question were applications containing “malware”.

The world’s most importantcyber security” company “bitfenderThe research conducted by ” scared the users. Determined according to research 35 appsbelongs to userscredentialsshared with third parties detected. It was also stated that users of these applications had to see disturbing levels of advertisements.


Prepared by Bitfendermalicious applicationApplication names related to the ” report were also shared. The name, category and number of downloads of the applications in question were also shared in the report. Experts say those who use these applications, Delete these applications from their devices without wasting time he suggested. Here are those applications!

Application Name Category Number of Downloads
Walls light – Wallpapers Pack 100,000+
Big Emoji – Keyboard 100,000+
Grad Wallpapers – 3D Backdrops 100,000+
Engine Wallpapers – Live & 3D 100,000+
Stock Wallpapers – 4K & HD 100,000+
EffectMania – Photo Editor 100,000+
Art Filter – Deep Photoeffect 100,000+
Fast Emoji Keyboard 100,000+
Create Sticker for Whatsapp 100,000+
Math Solver – Camera Helper 100,000+
Photopix Effects – Art Filter 100,000+
Led Theme – Colorful Keyboard 100,000+
Art Girls Wallpaper HD 100,000+
Animated Sticker Master 100,000
Personality Charging Show 100,000
Sleep Sounds 100,000
Image Warp Camera 100,000
GPS Location Finder 100,000
GPS Location Maps 100,000
Keyboard – Fun Emoji, Sticker 50,000+
Cat Simulator 50,000+
Phi 4K Wallpaper – Anime HD 50,000+
Volume Control 50,000+
Smart QR Scanner 50,000+
smart wifi 10,000+
My GPS Location 10,000+
Smart QR Creator 10,000+
Girls Art Wallpaper 10,000+
Secret Horoscope 10,000+
Smart GPS Location 10,000+
QR Creator 10,000+
Media Volume Slider 10,000+
Secret Astrology 10,000+
Colorize Photos 10,000+
Colorize Old Photo 500+

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