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Astigmatism is one of the common eye problems. Astigmatism, which causes blurry and unclear vision, can become difficult when left untreated and without lenses/glasses.

What is Astigmatism?

astigmatism, It is a health problem that develops as a result of deteriorations in the corneal structure of the eye and causes light to not be refracted completely. Since eyes with astigmatism cannot fully refract the light coming from the objects in front of them, blurry, distorted and double images appear.

Under normal conditions, the rays coming from objects are collected at a single point in the eye. When all the rays in the eye are collected at a single point, all images become clear. This is mostly related to the cornea and lens structure.

In astigmatism, the rays hit more places because the corneal structure refracts the light incorrectly. This causes the same image to repeat and distorted/double vision.

Astigmatism often occurs alone. However, in some patients myopic And hypermetropic is seen together with. In addition to astigmatism, these patients also experience vision problems caused by myopia and hyperopia.

What is Myopic Astigmatism?

Myopic astigmatism, It is an eye problem that includes myopia and astigmatism. With this health problem, patients cannot see the distance clearly and see images blurry and double.

What is Hypermetropic Astigmatism?

Hyperopic astigmatism, It is the simultaneous occurrence of hyperopia and astigmatism. People with hypermetropic astigmatism not only cannot see near, but also see objects blurred/double.

What are the symptoms of astigmatism?

The most important symptom of astigmatism is the damage caused by the rays falling on too many points. blurred and double vision is the problem. However, other symptoms may also occur in patients with astigmatism.

Symptoms that may be seen in patients with astigmatism are generally as follows;

  • Due to the light not being refracted correctly at night night vision problems
  • Especially on traffic lights and written signs illuminated inability to select texts/numbers
  • Due to squinting to see more clearly eye pain
  • Due to eye fatigue and the effort to see clearly strabismus

Does Astigmatism Cause Headaches?

Some patients may experience headaches as a result of astigmatism. These headaches usually occur when the eyes are overtired.

Trying to see objects more clearly, the person squints his eyes and looks around. This causes the eye muscles and eyelids to tire over time. As a result, pain occurs that starts around the eyes and spreads towards the head.

How Does Astigmatism See?

Patients with astigmatism regardless of distance Sees objects of all shapes and colors blurredly. At the same time, double images may occur depending on the number of rays falling on the eye.

If there is another eye problem accompanying astigmatism, visual disturbances may also occur. For example, a person with hyperopic astigmatism sees as follows;

What Causes Astigmatism?

Why astigmatism occurs has not yet been resolved by the medical community. However, when the patient groups were examined, it was seen that the majority of them had a genetic transmission.

If a person has astigmatism in their first and second degree relatives, they are also at risk for astigmatism. So much so that people whose siblings are diagnosed with astigmatism are much more likely to have astigmatism.

However, some eye injuries wrong surgical procedures and astigmatism may develop with aging. However, experts think that genetic predisposition is a more important factor.

Astigmatism Diagnosis

Since astigmatism is an eye problem caused by the cornea, it can be detected by corneal measurements. Ophthalmologists keratometer And corneal topography It examines the eye cornea with examination methods called.

In the examinations, the curvature of the cornea and the way the light falls are measured. Then, according to the measurement results astigmatism numbers determines.

Astigmatism Degrees

Degrees of astigmatism It is examined in 3 different groups.

  • 0.5 to 1 size astigmatism: It is the lowest degree of astigmatism. It generally does not negatively affect the quality of life and does not require the use of glasses. However, since there is a possibility of progression, you should definitely be examined by an ophthalmologist.
  • Number 1 to 4 astigmatism: They are moderate degrees of astigmatism. Quality of life is negatively affected. Myopia and hyperopia occur together in most patients. These patients require the use of glasses. Patients need to see a doctor frequently.
  • Number 4+ astigmatism: These are advanced degrees of astigmatism. Lifestyle is seriously affected. These people should stay away from technological devices as much as possible. Frequent medical examinations are very important.

Is There a Treatment for Astigmatism?

The treatment for astigmatism is the use of glasses. When the person begins to not be able to clearly distinguish images and When the degree of astigmatism progresses The use of glasses is inevitable.

Patients who do not use glasses astigmatism lens can use. Astigmatism lenses, which are available in two different forms, colored and colorless, have the same effect as glasses. However, in addition to glasses, it also corrects irregular formations in the eye layer.

With the development of technology astigmatism surgery It has also started to be done. eye drawing In these surgeries, the corneal structure is corrected and image problems are eliminated. The most effective astigmatism treatment are laser surgeries.

Astigmatism Glasses

astigmatism glasses, They are glasses that contain special cylindrical lenses to regulate vision. Single vision astigmatism glasses with power placement largely correct blurred and double images.

What Happens If Astigmatism Glasses Are Not Used?

When astigmatism glasses are not used;

  • Frequent eye and headaches develop
  • Strabismus occurs
  • The risk of accident increases, especially at night, as traffic and car lights cannot be seen.
  • Daily life is negatively affected

Astigmatism Surgery

It is a very effective and reliable method. laser astigmatism surgeries It is possible to solve astigmatism permanently.

Corneal structure is corrected with laser eye surgeries performed in sterile clinical environments. After this procedure, which takes a very short time, the light falls on the right point and astigmatism is eliminated.

After astigmatism surgery A few days of rest and use of eye drops are required. At the same time, patients should protect their eyes from sunlight for several months. For this reason, most people go to bed after the summer months. laser eye surgery prefers to have it done.

How to Cure Astigmatism?

Astigmatism will not go away permanently unless astigmatism surgery is performed. The use of glasses and contact lenses is only used to improve the current situation.

When astigmatism surgery is not performed increasing degree of astigmatism There is also a possibility. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to use glasses and have regular medical check-ups.

Why Does Astigmatism Progress?

Neglecting regular medical check-ups and avoiding the use of glasses are effective in the progression of astigmatism. Even if these issues are taken into consideration in some patients, astigmatism number growth It can happen. However, looking at computer, phone and television screens for long periods of time also causes astigmatism to progress.

Patients diagnosed with astigmatism should see a doctor at least every 3 and at most 6 months. At the same time, patients should be protected from light as much as possible.

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