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Asocialis a term given to a person or society who does not choose to be social. is a form of behavior. It is generally seen as a problem or a disease among the public. However, being antisocial is a is the choice.

Wanting to be alone in one’s own world, engaging in dialogue or action with people not wanting It has specific features such as. The concept of asociality, especially antisociality and introversion are confused with the concepts. Briefly, the differences between these three concepts are as follows:

  • Asociality; the person’s inability to engage in dialogue or action with other people is the choice.
  • Antisociality; lack of concern for one’s other people and their rights; for most of his life put yourself first is the choice of putting.
  • Introversion; person even though he wants the step to take action or dialogue with other people failure to appoint is the situation..

What are the reasons for being antisocial?

Asociality is not a character trait, behaviour is the choice. Therefore, it is possible to transfer it to the child through the genes of the parents. is not. of the child, magnification Although it is a behavior acquired by the individual during his youth and even adulthood, difficulties encountered It may even be among the reasons for being antisocial.

Something that makes the individual antisocial childhood life on the basis of bad communication lies down. The family learns what their child likes, which environments they enjoy and which environments they try to stay away from. does not try to understand; something that is useful in his opinion, through the filter of his child’s character. without passing If they try to practice this behavior and make it a habit; Their children may also look for an environment and a moment to retreat into their own shell in the future. Because according to the child, in front of him listeningrequests caringEven if their wishes do not coincide with their family’s wishes, there are no parents who can express this without breaking their hearts.

On the contrary, there are parents who generally impose what they do not want on him. As soon as he feels much more peaceful when he is alone, he no longer feels this loneliness. shelter and retreating to his shelter when he feels bad. happiness will hear.

Even if an individual spends his childhood in a good quality, he still experiences it especially during his youth and adulthood. people who don’t understand being together with, brings the individual to happiness in his own shelter, and therefore asocial will push it to happen. This is actually instinctive It is a search for happiness. Avoiding unhappy environments, people or societies abstinence is the desire.

What are the signs of an antisocial person?

  • They do not enjoy mixing in society.
  • They do not enjoy being in crowded places.
  • They usually don’t give themselves to anyone. what they can’t explain or most people find themselves that they don’t understand they think. This thought is enough to make them retreat into their shell.
  • They enjoy staying calm and isolating themselves. Holiday plans generally peace They design themed. They do not prefer programs such as mass entertainment, parties, and group activities.
  • One of the most important symptoms in children showing signs of asociality is; in places where social interaction is likely with other children, such as parks and kindergartens, solo games to prefer; They live with other children because they see their parents as a shelter. not butOne of their most distinctive features is that they want to play games with their parents.

”Let’s not be an antisocial family!”

People have an antisocial family not wanting It is quite normal. The reason of this; communication within the family should never be interrupted and they should be aware of each other. they wantSharing their troubles and staying in touch to the extent of understanding each other’s troubles is a phenomenon that most family members want.

However, an asocial individual generally does not understand his inner world. does not want to share. He does not like the crowded family structure. Calmness is one of the only factors that makes him happy. This brings about large and small conflicts between the asocial and social individuals within the family. While one side wants continuity in communication, the other side calmness as peace sees. antisociality prevention His studies can be grouped under two main headings:

”Don’t let my child be antisocial!”

If a child tends to be asocial, first of all family It is necessary to know that you are dragging your child into this behavior. The reason for this is that if the child prefers to be asocial, it means that he has not been able to establish the necessary closeness and communication with his mother and father. child’s first friend, is family. His relationship with his family will form the basis of the entire social environment he will acquire in the future. Looking at the situation so sensitively, constantly in communication to be, especially the child that they are loved, respected, and their opinions are taken into account. You have to be careful to feel it.

”There is an Asocial Individual in My Family!”

As soon as an individual in the family, whether a child, teenager or adult, is noticed who adopts an asocial lifestyle and gradually warms up to this life, regardless of age A lonely person in front of you There was a child individual It is necessary to be sensitive like this. Care is provided under the conditions or methods desired and approved by the family. not; to show it in a way that the individual will like, ”I am not alone” will play a role in achieving peace.

All remaining family members should be equally sensitive on this issue; which enables that individual to step into an antisocial life. ”I’m alone. “Nobody understands me.” breaking his motto; with family members a more social life It will provide the basis for taking further steps.

What should be done to not be asocial or to get rid of asociality?

Be alonemay start to seem more enjoyable to the person than crowded environments. The person gradually withdraws from the people he feels close to him. you went away They may realize that they cannot tolerate their disagreeing ideas. From time to time, a person withdraws into his own shell. it gives pleasure it could be.

However, unless you communicate with people, your relationship with them distancewill increase further as the person withdraws. Communication; Including man-woman, mother-father, parent-child and even co-worker. happiness in all social relationships is the key. This lost the key Individuals will find themselves in situations where they cannot express themselves comfortably to anyone, and the individuals in dialogue with them cannot fully understand or contact them. That’s why it’s antisocial of not being and even antisocial getting rid of the most effective way, is mutual communication.

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