Applications that force users to purchase subscriptions have been removed from the App Store!

There are many applications in Apple’s application store, App Store. Developers are trying to find very creative ways to make money from their applications. One of the application developers discovered a unique way to do this.

The discovered way forces users to subscribe. After the user downloads and runs the free application, an information about the subscription appears on the screen. However, this notification does not close unless the user purchases a subscription.

The user has to buy a subscription

An application called Kosta Eleftheriou developer recently said “My Metronome – Tempo KeeperThe application named ” He described it as a scam. Particularly efforts are made to detect such practices. Eleftherioustated that the application forces users to subscribe.

Users download this metronome application developed for musicians for free. However, this is the only point where the application tells the truth. Because once downloaded, the app forces users to buy a subscription that costs $9.99 per month.

The coercion in question is not considered innocent coercion. When a subscription ad appears on the app’s screen, users’ devices are locked. The user cannot close the application unless he purchases a subscription. Moreover, even restarting the device is not enough for salvation.

The app has been removed but similar versions may exist

Users Metronome application that forces subscriptions Removed from App Store. Despite this, the developers insist that the problem has not been solved. Developers state that the company that developed the metronome application has many other applications.

Music ParadiseApplication developer called , LLC and based in Russia Groove Vibes A similar approach is used in its application. The monthly subscription amount in the Groove Vibes application is $125 and the user cannot close the application unless he subscribes.

It was possible to see the truth when the App Store comments of scam applications were examined. Users have been complaining for a long time. However, the application was not removed. Following reports from developers such as Eleftheriou, the applications were removed from the store.

Applications have made profits many times over

Apple apps have been removed from the store. But the fact that the developer has turned a corner has not gone away. It is stated that both applications may have generated more than 2 million dollars in total. It shows that it is too late to detect these applications that defraud Mac users.

It remains unclear whether there are other applications similar to My Metronome – Tempo Keeper and Good Vibes. Even if two applications with the same developer have been removed from the store, it is said that there may be different applications using a similar approach.

Apple has not yet made a clear statement on the subject. It is expected that we will get to the root of this problem affecting Mac devices and solve the problem. Thus, it is aimed to prevent scam applications that force users to buy subscriptions.

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