Apple’s Maps Application Added Bike Directions to Users in the USA!

with iOS 14 Maps One of the features added to the application was routes and directions for bicycle paths. The company uses this feature for all Midwestern USA Updated to include cities.

Update, 15 April It started to be offered gradually on . Apple Maps is now in Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Charleston Shows directions for cyclists.

Not Only Directions, Extra Features Are Also Available

According to Apple, the feature not only provides users with directions and routes, but also height And busyness of the road It also provides information such as. It also shows how to avoid hilly routes.

Bike directions in Apple Maps California, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, London and mainland China It was already available for regions such as.

According to information received, earlier this month northeastern usa has been expanded to other regions. At the same time, future updates were also mentioned. The next places to use bicycle directions have been determined. Next regions Texas and the Gulf Coast It is said that it will happen.

With this update, Apple 26% It offers cycling directions. This is seriously incredible value.

We hope that we can implement these updates in Turkey and be able to use bicycles comfortably. Don’t forget to express your ideas in the comments section!

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