Apple Will Introduce New Macs at WWDC

iOS 16 And watchOS 9 WWDC 2022, which is expected to be announced, may also host new Apple devices. A Bloomberg editor thinks Apple plans to unveil more than just major operating system updates.

New Generation MacBook Air Coming at WWDC 2022

Mark Gurman says Apple is finally new generation MacBook Air He claimed that he would exhibit it. Although Gurman did not provide any details about this year’s MacBook Air, Apple M2 chip and expects it to have a redesigned chassis. Allegedly, the Apple M2 has 8 CPUs split equally between performance and efficiency cores. It will have cores and also 9-10 GPU cores.

In other words, the Apple M2 will have the same CPU core as the Apple M1, but will also include two additional GPU cores.

Gurman also claimed that Apple plans to launch its second Mac device at the WWDC 2022 event. Unfortunately, he did not specify what this device will be, but market analysts have some predictions. Some of the new device 24 inch iMac or iMac Pro Even though it implies that; new mac mini, mac pro or MacBook Pro 13 inch It should not be ignored that it might happen.

Apple will also host WWDC 2022 with the operating system of its AR/VR glasses. rOS(in the sense of “Reality OS”) It was previously claimed that Apple would launch the new headset at the event, but recent reports suggest that the company Apple VR He reiterates that he has not yet determined the release date.

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