Apple Patented Notch-Free Design, Camera Embedded in the Screen

The notch has been an issue that Apple users have been complaining about since the iPhone X and Face ID were introduced. Apple, which did not care about this reaction at first, must have been upset that it received a patent for the notch-less design that it will implement in future iPhone models.

What will a notch-less iPhone look like?

According to this notch-free design patent received by Apple, the camera system will be embedded in the screen. Of course, in this case, mind; The question arises as to how the camera will get a clear image from behind the screen. To solve this problem, Apple plans to use 2 optical filters and a band to pass the incoming light.

In addition, in order for the camera system embedded in the screen to work smoothly, a processor paired with both the camera and the screen is required. In other words, this design can only be implemented with a new processor. Therefore, the notch-less design is expected to be used starting from iPhone 16.

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