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Anxiety; in public anxiety disorder Also known as, it affects a person even in an ordinary moment in his daily life. ”something bad will happen” It is a psychological illness that causes anxiety. People with anxiety, even in routine events, ”despair, anxiety” They are faced with destructive moods such as

anxiety disorder People with this condition spend their daily lives with constant anxiety. Whatever event they encounter, they always have a state of fear. This situation negatively affects their daily lives. In later times panic attack crises begins to happen. This crisis manifests itself as excessive excitement, difficulty breathing and rapid heartbeat.

What are the types of anxiety disorders?

Types of anxiety disorders It is called by different names:

  • General Anxiety Disorder: It is the feeling of anxiety and tension that occurs for no reason.
  • Panic attack: Sudden states of fear and anxiety cause panic attacks in people. pain in chestSymptoms include feeling like you’re having a heart attack, feeling suffocated, and not being able to breathe.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder: It is the fear of being criticized by others for one’s work and the psychological disorder that arises from this situation. Especially in growing children and young people, this problem begins with doubts like “I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I don’t know.”
  • Phobias and Agoraphobias: People have some phobias. The inability to stand in a closed area, the inability to look down from a height, the inability to cross a tunnel or bridge, the fear of natural events, and even the fear of death can be counted among the phobias. People with agoraphobia: They just want to live where they feel safe. They stay away from places they don’t know and feel anxious about.
  • separation anxiety tthose who exceed: People want the people they love to always be with them. But if this situation goes to extremes and they do not want to leave their loved ones and think that they must always be with them, this creates separation anxiety.

What are the causes of anxiety disorder?

Causes of anxiety disorder, due to genetic reasons may occur. Those whose family members have such a problem are in the risk group. Later traumas anxiety disorder could be the reason.

For example, people may experience anxiety disorders after events such as the death of their parents, being abused, being a victim of violence, or having a traffic accident. Some chronic patients are also at risk. Anxiety disorder may occur in people if their health problems negatively affect their psychology and if they use medications constantly.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety disease, everything that happens feeling of anxiety, fear and helplessness not to be confused with must. Of course, there are moments in everyone’s life when they feel worried. However, this feeling of anxiety arises more than necessary in a person, and this feeling cannot be controlled, causing the person intense anxiety. psychological or physical pressure if it gives anxiety can be evaluated as. Psychological and physical pressures of anxiety are symptoms, and these symptoms can be listed under two subheadings:

physical symptoms

Stress related;

  • Sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Pains such as Stomach Pain and Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Shake
  • Blood Pressure Change
  • Sleep Problems
  • Dizziness
  • Frequent Urination

Although it is not necessary to see all of these features at the same time; If three or more of the above symptoms appear at a time of stress and anxiety, the mood experienced at that moment, anxiety (anxiety disorder) can be evaluated as.

psychological symptoms

Stress related;

  • Restlessness and anxiety
  • state of intense fear
  • anger management problems
  • not being able to calm down
  • high degree of panic
  • Susceptibility
  • focus problems

These features can occur in every person. However, if three or more of the above features appear at the same time, the medical world can determine the current mood, anxiety You can evaluate it under the title.

What are the treatments for anxiety?

Anxiety treatment is the treatment of most patients in daily life. refrained from applying It is a type of treatment. Because society has a general attitude towards psychological disorders. indifference available. For example; While a person may want to go to the doctor immediately when his back hurts, he may not show the same sensitivity when it comes to psychological problems. If this indifference is also shown towards the treatment of anxiety disease serious consequences can give birth.

Anxiety affects a person’s daily life negative It is an inevitable fact that it will affect Because it is a psychological disorder treatment should not be postponedOn the contrary, there is no risk of starting treatment. no time should be wasted.

If the person avoids getting help for treatment as soon as he feels the onset of anxiety, he may experience insomnia in his daily life, mood disorders, focus problems, and weakening of his anger control mechanism, resulting in intense social relations. may be harmed; If it is not prevented, it will have very serious consequences. to depression may cause; As a result of this depression much heavier diseases may occur.

Anxiety treatments can be examined under two headings:


Pharmacotherapy; Medicines that will help patients with mental disorders to overcome their illnesses are administered by doctors who have knowledge of this treatment. It is drug treatment. The purpose of using this technique in anxiety is; regulation of the patient’s serotonin hormone levels; helping the patient to reduce his or her stress level, which is much higher than normal, to normal; Since the patient cannot control his mental state under pressure, it is the application of sedative medications that will help the patient in this control process.


Psychotherapy; It is the whole of treatment methods that include techniques applied to protect and improve the mental health of individuals and to provide solutions that can be used in the treatment of their illness, if any. This treatment; ”“The most important way to overcome the disease is to understand the source of the disease.” According to its philosophy, it aims to provide a cognitive solution by teaching the patient the main source of his illness through psychological analysis.

Anxiety patients should apply to the relevant departments as soon as possible, take into account the advice of competent physicians and remember that the most important factor in overcoming this disease is themselves.

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