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Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Prime memberships are a paid subscription that you have for 7.90 TL per month. It is a subscription program. Thanks to the subscription, you can use additional services that regular users cannot benefit from.

Amazon Prime services

  • Prime Day

Prime Day was held for the first time on June 15, 2015, with discounts on many products specially commemorating Amazon’s 20th anniversary. This event, which was appreciated by users, has become a tradition for Amazon. It is possible to get discounts similar to “Black Friday” on Prime Day days, the dates of which are not known.

  • Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming subscribers get free games every month and access exclusive content for games like League of Legends.

  • Free and Fast Shipping

There is no shipping fee for products with the Prime label. Subscribers living in selected cities have the opportunity to receive the product they purchased on the same day. Cargo reaches other cities the next day.

Additionally, Prime services that are not yet available in our country:

  • Prime Music

Like Spotify, Apple and Youtube Music applications, Amazon also has its own music streaming service.

Amazon launched this service in America the same day it raised prices from $79 to $99.

  • Prime Reading

It is possible to read books and magazines with Prime Reading, which was launched in the USA in 2016. Users with Prime membership can benefit from free books provided with Reading.

  • PrimeAir

In 2013, the Prime Air service, which aims to deliver the product to the buyer in less than an hour via drones, was announced. As a result of incompatibilities in patent and logistics agreements with governments, the Air project is not yet usable.

Amazon Prime History

Prime memberships, which were first used in America in 2005 $79 per year could be obtained for a fee. Users with paid subscriptions received their cargo within two days and did not pay any fee for the cargo.

It launched Prime memberships in the UK, Japan and Germany in 2007. A year later in FranceAmazon PremiumIt announced the Prime membership service under a different name.

After Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014, Twitch Prime’s name was changed to Prime Gaming. Users with Amazon Prime can now own Twitch Prime Gaming at no additional cost.

According to a study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners in 2016, the number of Prime subscribers surpassed 50 million, and several studies have suggested that almost half of people in the US own Prime. In the same year, the Prime Reading service, where free books are distributed every month, was offered to users.

Prime Wardrobe was announced in June 2017, and thanks to this service, users had the opportunity to try on the clothes they wanted to buy in advance. This service, which was initially used only for adults’ clothing, later began to be used for babies and jewellery.

Finally, in 2021, Sweden became one of the countries providing Amazon Prime service. Thus, Amazon Prime, offered in a total of 21 countries, reached over 200 million users, according to April 2021 data.

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