A New Era Begins for iPhones: The Possibility of Installing Applications from Outside the App Store Comes!

Installing external applications on iPhones feature is coming. This is an important innovation that Apple has brought to the mobile ecosystem. Apple’s decision to make this radical change, as a result of increasing pressure from the European Union, offers new opportunities for users and developers.

Impact of Non-App Store App Installations

With this change, iPhone users will be able to install applications not only from the App Store but also from other application stores. This will increase competition in the mobile application market and offer users more options.

According to analyst Mark Gurman, Apple may activate this new feature in the first half of 2024. While this was previously only possible via Jailbreak, it will now be available as an official option.

Challenges for Apple

This new application will bring some difficulties for Apple. First of all, Apple’s commission income, which varies between 15% and 30%, may decrease due to installations made outside the App Store. In addition, application installations beyond Apple’s control may bring security vulnerability risks.

Considering the importance Apple attaches to user privacy and security, it is expected that the company will develop this new system as a ‘highly controlled system’. Gurman predicts that Apple will manage this process safely by preparing new guidelines for developers.

Introducing the ability to install external applications on iPhones represents an important step taken by technology giant Apple to further improve the user experience and ensure a fair competition environment in accordance with the EU’s Digital Markets Law. This means exciting new opportunities for both users and developers.

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