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7 Days of Stories Will Be Shared on Instagram! “My Week” Feature is Coming

My Week innovationIt shows that Instagram, under the umbrella of Meta, is working on a feature that will allow users to share the stories they share with their followers for a week.

7 Days of Stories Will Be Shared on Instagram!

Instagram allows users to share their stories with “My Week” feature will give you the freedom to share for a week. Thanks to this feature, desired stories can be easily added and removed, which will provide more flexibility to users. However, this add-remove feature can only be used within the “My Week” feature. This makes the Instagram experience more personal and more personal. will make it controllable.

With the new feature, it will be possible to easily add new content to shared stories. These stories will remain on the profile for 7 days and users will be able to access these stories whenever they want. However, for now, this feature is not yet accessible to all users. We will have to wait a little longer to use the “My Week” feature. Thanks to this feature, which will be especially useful for active social media users, it has the potential to be used for various event reminders, new travel posts and even personal goals.

It is currently unknown when Instagram will make the “My Week” feature available to the general public. However, since Instagram’s previous new features are generally offered to users step by step, it is possible to say that this feature will become available to all users over time.

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